Selected Works
& Works in Progress

Natural History
Landscapes, Plants, & Animals that Saint Francis Knew and Loved.
Season-by-season in Arizona, another gorgeous book from Arizona Highways!
A field guide with notes on natural history.
What Wild Plants Tell Us About Time. (Work in Progress)
National Parks
An illustrated portrait.
A guide to the park.
Interpretive essays.
Southwest Cultures
One of four guides to Southwestern indigenous arts by Susan Lamb.
Cultural roots of the Southwest

Related Work

Grand Canyon Study Tour
Smithsonian National Associates Program
Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park.

Susan is available for workshops and presentations about writing, nature study, collaborative creativity, and cultural interpretation. Her twenty-three years of experience include seven years as a National Park Service naturalist during which she gave countless formal and informal programs such as slide shows, nature walks, campfire talks, workshops, and environmental education activities. She has led many extended study tours of western state and national parks for the Smithsonian and other clients and lectured on subjects ranging from California wildflowers at the Richard M. Nixon Library to indigenous cultures of the Southwest at the Phoenix Public Library.

Trained as an Oral Historian, Susan has collected interviews and spoken histories from veterans of the Civilian Conservation Corps, descendants of Mormon pioneers, and other old-timers associated with northern Arizona. She has also taught short classes on writing and mapping at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff public elementary schools, and the the Arboretum at Flagstaff.
Susan serves as
Conservation Chair of the
Arizona Native Plant Society, Flagstaff Chapter.