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In Brief

My writing explores connections between
the natural world and the human spirit,
especially in the traditional cultures of
the American Southwest and Europe.
Long-term personal works in progress include
The Flower Clock: What Wildflowers Tell Us About Time
So Much More Than Trees:
The Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forest.

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Grand Canyon Wildlife Rim to River

How many hearts with warm red blood in them are beating under cover of the woods, and how many teeth and eyes are shining! A multitude of animal people, intimately related to us, but of whose lives we know almost nothing, are as busy about their own affairs as we are about ours.
— John Muir.
From the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River more than a vertical mile below, a hiker will pass through a succession of “life zones” equivalent to a journey from the north woods of Canada to the deserts of Mexico. This craggy, diverse landscape is a haven for animal life. You may not see them all, but they are overhead, under foot, all around you. Some are rare or endangered but find refuge here. Indeed, some are found nowhere else on Earth.

Update: The Four Forests Restoration Initiative will treat parts of the Walnut Canyon Study Area described in Flagstaff's Wild Canyons.

Some Favorite Comments

Flagstaff's Wild Canyons

Books are not the only way to tell the story of Flagstaff's amazing natural diversity and heritage. But in the hands of an evocative writer and an inspired photographer, even a few short pages can go a very long way… Lamb's prose has the compactness of a guidebook that isn't afraid to show off a love of language. The topography is "rumpled," and the dark ravines "twist" in a maze below sunny uplands. But there is good science and history here, too… Because both Lamb and Bean are professionals in their fields, "Flagstaff's Wild Canyons" has a professional feel to it, including full-page photos that do justice to the subject and text that is edited to fit and to inform."

Randy Wilson, Editor, Arizona Daily Sun.


The Natural World of Saint Francis of Assisi

"The beauty of Umbria that inspired Francis is still there today, as you will see in the evocative words of Susan Lamb and the remarkable photographs of Tom Bean. The rocks and landscapes, the winds and climate, the rivers, lakes and marshes, the plants and animals of Umbria and the neighboring parts of Italy are all brought to life in this book. It could serve as a substitute for going there, or better, it could be the inspiration for a trip, and a memory afterward."

Dr. Walter Alvarez, Geologist and Author of
T.Rex and the Crater of Doom and
The Mountains of Saint Francis.

"This book provides a valuable service, for it helps us to perceive the Earth not as a jumble of objects, but rather a communion of subjects (as Thomas Berry suggests), participating in the life of creation as holy gift of God. May Sister, Mother Earth, depicted in these pages, inspire you as it did Francis."

Keith Douglass Warner, OFM
Environmental Studies Institute, Santa Clara University.
Pueblo and Mission

"The thoughtful text approaches the topic of culture and history with reverence…The result is an interdisciplinary story written by a scholar whose generous spirit excludes no one."Bloomsbury Review.
Ancient Walls

"There is a perfect balance between the facts you need to understand and the quality of magic in the places, the haunting haunted evocative specialness of the places. I incline to be silly on this subject, this book does it honor."Book Bag.
Channel Islands National Park

"The author has a pleasing way of telling the story of the history, geology, and wildlife of these not-so-remote places."Selection of Western Books, Rounce and Coffin Club, Occidental College.
A Guide to Navajo Rugs

"Very well done presentation of an unusual subject. Good, quick, clearly expert information here. The quotes are a nice element. Subject is excellently handled."Conference of National Park Cooperating Associations.
Lightfall and Time

"Lamb's texts emphasize in literate prose the geological structures that give these National Parks their individual natures."University of Arizona Library
"Critical Checklist of Current Southwestern Americana."